Plasma Blast Bulk Lot - 100 commons/uncommons mix

Card type: Pokemon
HP: 0
Rarity: Promo
Number: 7
Expansion: Packs & Others
Available: 2 Pieces
Available from: 13.74$
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Average: 0$
Minimal: 0$
Maximal: 0$


***INFORMATIONS ABOUT THIS ITEM :*** *100 non-holo common + uncommon random Pokemon Trading Card Game cards ! *does not contain basic energy cards ! *all Pokémon types included ! *all cards are in Near Mint conditions ! *never played before ! *tournament legal cards ! *orders of 2 or more Bulk Lots can contain duplicates ***RECOMMENDATIONS :*** *this bulk of cards is highly recommended for beginner players or collectors

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60cards net Czech Republic Near mint English 2 9.99€