Submit your Worlds report for a chance to win a booster box

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Do you like openning booster packs? Would you like to win a booster box shipped for free to your doors? If you are going to attend World Championship this weekend you have a chance.
Visit after August 18th create a profile and submit your World report. It does not matter if it is a winner's report or if you just lost in the first round of last chance qualifier. Each article can collect likes until September 27th. The article with the most likes will be selected as winning article.

Prizes structures:

1st place a booster box of your choice shipped for free to location of your choice 
Rest of players who submit their reports will receive 5 online booster packs


If more than 10 reports is submited 2nd place will be awarded with random booster box.
If more than 25 reports is submited 3rd place will also be awarded with random booster box

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