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Hello 60cards readers,

As you might know my last article is quite a while in the past. The last one was my Tournament report of the ECC and after that I really only focused on my nationals, as I couldn't play many regionals due to university stuff. I didn't play a lot this season in general and wasn't too confident in winning nationals this year. I played Yveltal/ Garbodor and got into Top 8 as 8th place with 5-0-3 (W-L-T). I was very lucky and happy with my result as there were a total of 181 Masters attending German National Championship. The Top 8 were not really diverse with 5 VirGens, 1 Plasma, 1 Yveltal/ Garbodor and 1 Rayboar. The German Nationals was the first Nationals this year and we didn't play with the new Flash Fire Set, which was really sad considering my deck choice. I think that the sole existence of Pyroar would have prevented many players to choose VirGen as deck for nationals, but without Flash Fire I won't deny that VirGen was the best deck choice for nationals, even though it could get nasty Match-Ups like Emboar, Ninetails and decks with Spiritomb.

I playtested a lot with Marc Lutz and knew what I would need to beat VirGen. The needed cards to stay in the game weren't really fair (VirGen only needs Virizion and a Grass Energy T1 and Yveltal/ Garbodor need a Trubbish, an Energy Drop on an attacker and preferably a Darkness Energy in the discard pile) and it won't get better when the game progresses. The player going first have a huge advantage, so when VirGen starts the game they usually win if they aren't misplaying.

In the end I lost in my Top 8 match against Karl Peters, later National Champion 2014, where I was conservative in the first game and missed an important energy drop in game 3. The fact, that my opponent was playing 4 (yes 4!) Enhanced Hammers lost me the game, which I might have won against a different VirGen deck. My friend Marc lost against Karl in Top 4, which I was very upset about, because I think that he should have the advantage against a VirGen with 4 Enhanced Hammers and Jirachi (Marc played a very consistent VirGen with 4 Bicycles and Electrode). But Karl was a very fair player in our games (never complained when I needed a bit more time to think) and he played very well, so he deserved it I think. I'm excited to see how the German players will do in Washington this year, as we usually are not very lucky at Worlds haha. We'll see.

But enough of the short summary of my life and let's head to the main topic of my article.

I will be talking about the next set 'Furious Fists', which officially releases on the13th August internationally (This set won't be legal for worlds though, because TPCi announced a new ruling, which says that a set needs to be officially released for 3 weeks until it is legally playable in premier events). There is still one exception to this international aspect, as the Japanese players can already use the new cards since June 14th. The Japanese Set's name is 'Rising Fist' and I can't understand why the English version needs to be changed into 'Furious Fists', as there is already Flash Fire and both might get mistakenly shortened with 'FF' on decklists. Besides the attack on the Mega-Lucario in this set has the name 'Rising Fist' and I personally think that 'Furious Fists' sounds awful, so I will be calling it Rising Fist in this article.

Recently new sets are focusing on certain types in Pokemon. The previous Flash Fire-Set was focusing on fire Pokemon and their support. Unfortunately there weren't many support cards, beside Blacksmith and Fiery Torch, so the Pokemon card makers might have thought that they should change that with the new set.

In Rising Fist we can find many cards supporting Fighting-type Pokemon. So let's start off with those cards first:

At the time when the first cards from Rising Fist were leaking, there was no sign of energy acceleration for fighting Pokemon. As we know energy acceleration is very important to the success of a certain archetype. A few examples are: Eelektrik, Virizion, Dark Patch, Blacksmith etc.

There are almost no competitive decks which do not play some kind of energy acceleration.

With Landorus we at least have an attacker which can help us set up our big hitters. Landorus will be mainly used for his first attack 'Shout of Power', which does 20 damage and attaches a Basic Energy from your discard pile to one of your benched Pokemon. It is very similar to Thundurus EX from Plasma or Aromatisse decks with the difference, that Thundurus does more damage and can attach any kind of energy card. The main argument for Landorus is that he isn't a Pokemon EX and has 120 HP. He also only has 1 retreat cost, which makes him even more attractive. His second attack 'Sky Lariat' requires 2 Fighting and a Colorless Energy and does 90 damage in case you need an extra attacker.

This card is a real surprise to me as I didn't expect some new special energies so soon. Since Special Dark and Metal Energies, there haven't really been type-specific energies in this card game. Now we get Strong Energy, which is twice as powerful as Special Darkness Energy was before. When Strong Energy is attached to one of your Fighting Pokemon its attack does 20 more damage to the opponent's active Pokemon. This is really strong as the card name implies and can boost your damage output significantly. But of course there are also a few downsides. Strong Energy can't be attached to a non-Fighting-Pokemon and if the type of the Pokemon with Strong Energy attached changes, it will be discarded. The only relevant situation I can think of where this matters would be when Pancham evolves; as it evolves from a Fighting to a Dark Type. There might also be some effects, which can change types in the future. Another disadvantage would be any form of special energies removal like Enhanced Hammer. This hurts you even more as you have no way of getting those Strong Energies back, except you play Thundurus EX. But it won't matter as much after the rotation of Enhanced Hammer.

Next we have a Stage 2 Pokemon, which exists since the first generation and is also well-known.

I'm talking about Machamp, which has a very straight forward ability. As long as Machamp is in play all your active Fighting-Pokemon will do 20 more damage to your opponent's active Pokemon. Sounds quite similar huh? Rather identical to Strong Energy and also stacks up for each Machamp you have in play. His attack 'Machamp Crusher' requires 3 Fighting Energies, inflicts 80 damage and Machamp receives 40 less damage during your opponent's next turn. Quite expensive, but you can survive each attack which does less than 190 damage, as Machamp has a whopping 150 HP. It also increases its own attack, so two-hitting an EX is not a Problem.

You thought that Strong Energy and Machamp were already a lot of damage boost? Then I have to disappoint you as there is even more you can add to besides the Muscle Band/ Silver Bangle you were already thinking of. Yes, with Fighting Stadium your active Fighting Pokemon will do an additional 20 damage against your opponent's active Pokemon EX. So... I think this set has covered every kind of card, which can increase the damage output for Fighting Pokemon. Machamp in form of a Pokemon's Ability, Strong Energy in form of an Energy Card attached to your Pokemon, Fighting Stadium as Stadium, Muscle Band as Pokemon Tool and lastly Iris, which can also add to your damage output as a Suppoter card. Sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me!

This is a really interesting and unique card, which is only usable by Fighting Pokemon. When attached to a Fighting Pokemon with Full HP and it would be knocked out, the Pokemon attached with Focus Sash won't be knocked out but remains with 10 HP. Afterwards Focus Sash will be discarded. A really nice card, especially for low HP Pokemon like Hawlucha and also useful for big EXs like Lucario EX, which otherwise would easily get knocked out from an X-Ball from Mewtwo EX. Focus Sash practically saves you a prize card or two depending on the size of the prevented OHKO. It is similar to the ACE Spec Life Dew, which lets your opponent take one less prize card.
Both have the disadvantage that Tool Scrapper and Startling Megaphone is a thing and can discard your passive Pokemon Tools. Hypnotoxic Laser is also a big weakness of Focus Sash as it would just negate the whole point of this card by finishing off the Pokemon with Poison after it only have 10 HP left. Nonetheless one should be familiar with this unique card and I would recommend attaching Focus Sash always to your active Pokemon to force your opponent to have a Tool-Discarding card the next turn or you'll benefit from Focus Sash immediately.

Korrina is a Supporter card similar to Skyla. The difference is that it grabs you an additional Fighting Pokemon, but as downside you can only grab an Item card. This won't allow you to get a Supporter or a Stadium card. But Korrina is still a very powerful card as it helps you set up your board considerably faster than Skyla would do. The most helpful combo is of course to grab a Stage 2 Fighting Pokemon and a Rare Candy. This would allow you to play a lesser count of Rare Candies and setting up would still work fine if you play at least one Korrina in a Game. If you're fearing of only having Korrina in hand without a Supporter, I would recommend playing Bicycle or Random Receiver, but personally I wouldn't play either of them and just grab a Lucario EX, which we will take a look at now.

Lucario is the representative Pokemon of the Rising Fist-Set and also one of my favorite Pokemon. It is the first Pokemon EX in a while with 3 different attacks and also has 180 HP. His first attack 'Missile Jab' requires a Fighting Energy and does 30 straight damage, which won't be affected by resistance. Might be useful against those Fighting resistant Pokemon like Yveltal EX. Lucario's second attack 'Corkscrew Smash' is quite useful and does 60 damage and lets you draw until you have 6 cards in your hand for 2 Fighting Energies. This attack is really helpful when you don't have many cards or a Draw Supporter in your hand. It is also an alternative way to make use of Corrina which can grab you a Lucario EX and an Item card, which you need at the moment like Prof. Letter, Switch, Energy Switch or even better Scramble Switch! It is also quite solid when you have Strong energy attached, Machamps on the bench or a Fighting Stadium in play and easily leads to 2HKOs .
Its last attack 'Somersault High' is a vanilla 100 damage attack for 3 Fighting energies. Not very powerful in itself, but can add up to 180 damage when you have 4 damage boosting cards and if your opponent do not have an answer to that, Lucario might sweep 2-3 Pokemon easily with this seemingly unspectacular attack. Lucario EX is not a staple and also not very powerful. It is a balanced Fighting-Type Pokemon EX and can help you out in bad situations with his second attack. Its weakness against Mewtwo EX really hurts, but can be bypassed with Focus Sash. Landorus EX complements Lucario quite well as both have different weaknesses and different energy requirements to be useful.

This wrestling eagle (which is what I can observe) is one of the better cards in this set and is a totally offensive basic attacker. It only has 70 HP and does 60 damage to an Pokemon EX for only one Fighting Energy! Hawlucha will also ignore resistance and weakness when he attacks an opponent EX, which is necessary to not make it a nightmare for every Fighting-weak Pokemon EX. With a little support Hawlucha easily 2HKOs Pokemon EXs and is also the perfect partner for Focus Sash, which theoretically lets you trade a one-prize attacker against a two-prize attacker, which is really relevant if your opponent has no answer to it. Hawlucha also has free retreat, which is really helpful when you start with it and you can also promote it if your Pokemon was knocked out last turn.
You really shouldn't underestimate this little basic Pokemon as it has very powerful offensive capabilities and at the same time is easily set-upped.

The last card in our Fighting-corner is the Stage 1 Pokemon Mienshao! It has 90 HP and two attacks which does 40 damage. The first attack Aero Turn requires one Fighting Energy and after the attack Mienshao and all cards attached to it goes back into your hand. The second attack is just a Vanilla attack for two colorless energies. Of course 'Aero Turn' is the attack we are focusing on. Usually it is bad to take back your evolved Stage 1 Pokemon after the attack, but there are some benefits to it. Firstly you can promote any Pokemon you like after your attack and those are usually Wall-Type Pokemon like Sigilyph, Snorlax or Latias EX. Secondly you can take advantage of Strong Energy and prevent it from being discarded by attacks, which discards Special Energies. This is reason enough to build a Mienshao Lock Deck around its Aero Turn attack. The downside is when your opponent plays hand disrupting cards like N and you can't guarantee an attack for next turn, especially when Level Ball isn't around anymore. This deck is still very annoying to play against when you don't have answers to the Wall Pokemon and the number of your Lysandres and Ns is limited. Great potential to be a halfway successful rogue deck.

So we have covered all relevant cards from my personal Fighting-Corner and we can see that this set really pushed Fighting-type Pokemon a lot, especially in terms of damage output. The hardest challenge in my opinion is to build a good and consistent Fighting Deck. The new and diverse cards are all really good, but depending on what meta you will encounter, there will always be better choices. Especially managing the damage outputs to achieve clean and efficient 2 or OHKOs are very difficult and almost impossible to do on a consistent basis.

Here is my first attempt of a Fighting Deck. I'm sure it is not the best and might have many flaws, but I hope it can help you to find your own individual build and if you have any criticism, feel free to comment on it!

Pokemon (15):

2 Landorus EX
2 Lucario EX
2 Landorus
1 Hawlucha
3-1-3 Machamp
1 Jirachi EX

Trainer (33):

4 Prof. Juniper
4 N
3 Korrina
3 Colress
1 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
2 Rare Candy
3 Focus Sash/ Muscle Band
1 Prof. Letter
2 Fighting Stadium
3 Switch
1 Escape Rope
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Scramble Switch [ACE SPEC]

Energy (12):
8 Fighting
4 Strong Energy

This list is not very fancy but focuses on all the options of adding damage of the new cards.
Mentionable is the ACE Spec Scramble Switch, which in my opinion is the best choice for this kind of deck. The turn when you play Scramble Switch might be very game-breaking as you can attach Strong energy which are already in play to a healthy hitter, which is good in that situation. OHKOs are easily done with Lucario or Landorus EX and you can also attack with Machamp if you are facing Pyroars. The low count of Rare Candies is as explained, viable because Korrina can grab you both matching puzzle pieces at once and that saves you space for other cards. Korrina can also grab this awesome Scramble Switch together with a Pokemon you need, which can really decide games if timed correctly. Mewtwo EX is of course very annoying, but I don't think it's worth teching in your own Mewtwos with Double Colorless Energies. Just try to deal with them using Landorus EX and keep up with the trade off cautiously.

Now we will head to the Top 10 relevant cards besides the Fighting Pokemon cards and their support and you can be sure to find some potential in these cards, which we are taking a look at now:

This big Dragon is already known for a long time and part of the first Generation in Pokemon history. I'm sure it is popular among fans and will make a few players happy.

We are talking about Dragonite EX! It has a whopping 180 HP and one attack named 'Jet Sonic' and requires two Grass and one Lightning Energy to do 80 damage.. You can additionally discard one energy to do 40 more damage. Dragonite EX's Ability Bust in is like a Scramble Switch, when you play it from your hand on your bench. Then you can take as many basic energies attached to all of your Pokemon and attach them to Dragonite EXs. This is a really useful ability as it is not required to be on your field to set it up and is at the same time not vulnerable to attacks or item cards like Hypnotoxic Laser. It can also be looped with multiple Dragonite EX to keep it healthy and synerges quite well with two well known Pokemon: Virizion EX and Milotic.
You need at least two Grass Energy to attack with Dragonite EX, so it is not a bad idea to use the Energy Accelerator Pokemon Virizion EX to gather some Energy on the field, before Dragonite EX starts its rampage. Virizion EX is also helpful to prevent your Pokemon from Status conditions, especially those annoying Hypnotoxic Lasers. Milotic is great to get back those energies when your Dragonite EX were knocked out and can also be sacrificed to force your opponent to take 7 prizes to win the game.
Rising Fist is also the second XY set with Dragon-Type Pokemon in it and since XY Dragon-Type Pokemon do not longer are weak to other Dragon-Types but to Fairy-Type Pokemon. This is really a good weakness to have at the moment as Fairy-Type Pokemon are almost non-played and the only Fairy Pokemon which can do a lot of damage and is considerably played is Xerneas (basic and EX).

This card is a really hyped card and this solely for its attack 'Quaking Punch' (wow this sounds awful...). As some of you know Locking-Type attacks were always very popular, especially Item-Lock since the most decks plays more than 20 Item cards in their decks. Seismitoad EX does for two Colorless Energy 30 Damage and your opponent can't play any Item cards from his hand until his/her next turn. No wonder it that it is hyped so much. Nobody can deny that Item-Lock isn't strong. You just need to think of Gothitelle, Trevenant or even Deafen to know that Item-Lock isn't just a joke. A great Advantage is that Seismitoad EX only needs a Double Colorless Energy to attack. Its Water-typing is also very welcome as it counters the other Hype-card Landorus EX and hit for weakness. Combined with a Muscle Band, which can't get Tool Scrappered or Megaphone'd it 2HKOs Landorus EX and denies Item-Plays at the same time!

On the other hand there are a few Top-Tier Decks which are not relying on Item-Cards as much as other decks. The best example would be Virizion EX/ Genesect EX, as it sets uo using Virizion Exs Emerald Slash Attack and is rarely depending on Item-Cards, except the G-Booster. But ironically VirGen is also Seismitoad Exs worst Nightmare and can almost be taken as an Autoloss due to its Weakness to Grass. One fully built up Genesect will run through Seismitoad EX and even Virizion EX can 2HKO it while setting up the board at the same time.

Seismitoad EX also has a second attack which does 130 Damage and 2x30 Damage to the bench. But it reguires two Water and one Colorless energy, so it won't be used that often in my opinion.

The success of this Frog will heavily depend on your local metagame. It will be either hit or miss. Another option is to tech against the VirGen Match-Up, which is also possible, but projecting the meta-game is still a bit difficult at this state of the game.

The next card we are looking at is a new Draw Supporter card. Battle Reporter lets you draw cards until you have the same amount of card in your hand as your opponent. This is a very straight forward effect and won't suffice as a constant Draw Supporter, as it can be easily outplayed, when your opponent knows that you play many Battle Reporter, he/she will surely try to hold the hand-size small. So I personally would play a maximum of 1-2 of this card in decks, because it can really net you a lot of cards, especially when your opponent knocked out an EX Pokemon from you last turn. But besides this EX-knock-out-turn I don't think that it will be better than other staples like Colress, which is more consistent in my opinion.

It's time to get away from those big Pokemon EX and focus more on the smaller and cuter Pokemon. Dedenne is a Electric-Type Basic Pokemon with 70 HP. It has Fighting Waekness, is resistant to Steel and has one Retreat-cost. The most usefulness you can find is in its both attacks.

Dedenne's first attack 'Entrainment' is a Call for family attack, requiring one Colorless Energy and places up to two of your Basic Pokemon from your deck on your Bench. The second attack 'Energy Short' also requires one Colorless Energy and does 20 damage times the Energy attached to the opposing Pokemon. I think the sole purpose of this attack is to hold Yveltal EX in check, because Dedenne will OHKO it, when Yveltal EX has 5 or more Energies attached. With Muscle Band Dedenne can OHKO one with 4 Energies and with Silver Bangle it can OHKO one with three Energies! But I doubt that after the rotation of Dark Patch Yveltal EX will see as much play as it had before. So it comes a little bit too late.

Maintenance is an item cards, which allows you to shuffle two of your cards in hand into your deck and afterwards you draw one card. This can sometimes be useful when you have cards in your hand, which you don't want to discard, but you only have a Professor Juniper in your hand. But except to that this is a really mediocre card, which practically costs you three cards, to draw one new...
In a fast deck this card could see play when there is a specific card you really need to draw into.

Electrode and Delphox harmony quite well with this card as you can filter most of your unneeded cards back into your deck and can draw more cards due to these abilities.

But honestly I can't think of an efficient way, where I would put this card into...

Let's keep this card in mind and we'll see whether someone can make the most of this card.

Next up we have another Supporter, which is quite new and helps Fossil-Pokemon a lot!

It's Fossil Researcher and it allows you to search your deck for up to two Amaura and Tyraunt in any combination and puts them onto your bench. So you can kick the annoying Fossil cards and you can directly place those Fossil Stage 1 Pokemon onto your bench. That makes the practically Basic Pokemon and you don't need to fill your deck with those Fossil Trainers. Unfortunately Fossil Researcher is only limited to those two restored Pokemon. Otherwise other restored Pokemon like Archeops might see more play. But the Stage 2s of those two Pokemon are not to be underestimated and are rather okay. Tyrantrum is a Fighting Pokemon with 150 HP, which is quite something for a Stage 2 Pokemon. Its first attack 'Chew Up' requires a Fighting Energy and two Colorless and does 60 Damage and if the opposing Pokemon has a Special Energy attached, this attack does 90 more Damage. This is a total of 150 Damage and with a Muscle Band or even a Strong Energy, this easily knocks out most EXs. Special Energies are quite common nowadays, but this attack can be countered to easily and won't function as a straight deck. Tyrantrum's second attack 'Giga Impact' does 150 damage and it can't attack the next turn. Downside is the high energy costs of the attacks. The upside is, that both attacks can be charged up with Double Colorless Energies and the damage output can easiliy be increased by the mass of options for Fighting-Type Pokemon.

The second restored Stage 2 Pokemon is the Water-Type Aurorus with 130 HP. Its Ability 'Ice Shield' affects all your Water-Type Pokemon with a Water Energy attached and buffs damage done to these Water Pokemon by 20 damage. This ability stacks for each Aurorus you have in play and can make it really hard for your opponent to score KOs. You can for example pair it with Seismitoad EX and make it harder for your opponent to KO Seismitoad, which will continue its Item Lock. Aurorus' attack isn't very fascinating and requires one Water and 3 Colorless Energy to do a lousy 70 Damage with the Bonus that the hit Pokemon falls asleep.

Herbal Energy is the second type-specific Special Energy in this set and is kind of contrary to Strong Energy. Herbal Energy can only be attached to Grass Pokemon and it heals 30 Damage when it is attached. This might be a really good Tech-card in VirGen and can throw off intended 2HKOs. 30 Damage is also a really significant amount of damage and might decide between win or loss. Just see it as an Energy Drop + Potion at the same time now that Enhanced Hammer isn't in the Format anymore. Downside would of course be that your targets for Emerald Slash will decrease, so finding the right split will be important. I think I'd go with 2, maybe three if you think it helps you out in certain match-ups for VirGen.

Politoed is next in my spotlight of mentionable non-Fighting-Type Pokemon cards.
Its ability 'King's Song' states that all of your Poliwag, Poliwhirl and Poliwrath's attacks don't need the Colorless energy requirement anymore to attack. This makes it possible for Poliwag to attack for three doing 20 damage, confusing and deny retreat next turn. Poliwhirl is probably the best and easiest to set up. It can attack with 'Finishing Blow' for free, which does 50 Damage +50 Damage if the opposing Pokemon already has Damage Counters on it. This attack would otherwise cost 3 Colorless Energy. And lastly Poliwrath, which can attack for two Water Energy doing 130 Damage with 30 Self-damage, which would otherwise cost 2 Colorless Energy more. Too bad Politoed can't profit from his own ability otherwise its attack for one Water and 2 Colorless Energy would be nice for only one Water and doing 70 damage. Another disadvantage is also that you're limited to up to 4 Polis and with one being Politoed you can only have to three attackers, which can be really bad when some of those are prized. Celebi EX may also be a good partner for this deck, when you want maximum diversity with maximum HP. There quite a lot of froaks in this set.

The new Eevee is also quite unique. It can evolve on the same turn you played it if you attach a Basic Energy to Eevee. If you do so you can search your deck for a card with the same type as the attached Basic Energy and evolve it. In this set are two Eeveelutions with Leafeon and Glaceon, which both can attack for one Grass/Water Energy. The direct evolution is nice, but is sadly not as compatible with older Eeveelutions as you might wish, because the older Eeveelutions mostly have attack cost of only two Colorless Energy. You see that this set has a lot of cards, which looks good on the first impulse, but without the right support it only is mediocre. This Eevee might be more useful after the release of future sets, so let's keep it in memory for now.

The last card I will analyze is also rather unique and also well known. It's another version of Gothitelle with an interesting ability. 'Teleport Room' allows you to change a Stadium in play with another stadium in your discard pile, once per turn. This allows you to take advantage of multiple stadiums like for example use it for a Tropical Beach when you don't have any Supporters (in extended Format) or get a Virbank City Gym to take advantage of your Hypnotoxic Lasers. The possibilities are almost infinite! But to be honest this card is just a nice gimmick and I can't think of a deck that would profit hugely from two or more different stadiums.

If you now think why I have left out Training Center (+30 HP for all Stage 1 and 2s) then is it because I think this card is really bad. It is similar as Giant Robe for your Evolved Pokemon except Megas. It helps you maybe for one turn, but when your opponent plays a Counter-gym this card was practically useless. Of course you can argue that you might get one more attack off with that Pokemon, but then your opponent also gets the opportunity to take prizes whenever he wants and that is usually good, when N is a staple in every deck. For me it is just a wasted spot in your deck an I would use that space rather for cards contributing to your main strategy to make it more consistent. It's almost the same thing for all passive cards like Hard Charm.

Lastly here is another deck list focusing on Dragonite EX:

Pokemon (16):

3 Dragonite EX
3-3 Altaria
2-2 Milotic
2 Virizion EX
1 Jirachi EX

Trainer (31):
4 N

3 Colress
3 Skyla
3 Juniper

2 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
2 Skyarrow Bridge
2 Switch
3 Muscle Band

1 Prof. Letter
1 Scoop Up Cyclone [ACE SPEC]

Energy (13):
9 Grass

4 Lightning

As this list was created before I was thinking of the rotation it still has some modified-illegal cards in there (Level Ball and Skyarrow Bridge). I find it hard to replace those two important cards, but if needed you may try Pokemon Fan Club and more switching cards. Honestly I can't think how this would work efficiently, so I would suggest you to use it in the extended format, where every card from BW-on is allowed.

Strategy is to start the game with Virizion EXs Emerald Slash to get Energy into play. You can also use Milotic as Set-Up when you can discard some Energies early on. Then your strategy will be to attack with Dragonite EX to the end. With 2 Altarias and a Muscle Band, Dragonite EX will do a clean 180 damage when you discard an energy. If your Dragonite EX is damaged lay down another fresh one and transfer the energy to the new one. Scoop Up Cyclone is my preferred ACE Spec for this deck as it not only heals one of your damaged Dragonite EX, but also lets you play it down to have a fresh one ready. Milotic is there if your energy are wiped out and to force your opponent to play the 7 Prize-Game.
Not the most competitive deck, but the best I could think of to make Dragonite EX a little viable.

This will conclude my article and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sorry if I have made any mistakes or left out cards you wanted me to feature. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment!

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