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 Hello everyone! My name is Calvin Mattson and I'm a competitive player from Minnesota in my second year of Seniors. Notable accomplishments i guess would be,

8 2nd places at Cities. 2009-2014

3 1st place Battle Roads/League Challenges. 2011-2014

1 2nd place at States. 2014

1 3rd place at States. 2014

1 Top 32 at Nationals. 2014

 So as you can see nothing overly impressive. Most of my accomplishments are from this season, with a few small things from previous Seasons.


 But enough about me, you're reading for the article. This article is about my chase for my Worlds invite. Going into Nats, I was at 269, not a number you want to see if you're after 450, so my hopes weren't as high as they should have been. A week before Nats I didn't know what I was going to play, I had been testing Snorlax, and VirGen. Now before you say, "Snorlax, this kid suck's" it did kind of work. But anyway I was at a mini tournament, and afterwards I was talking with a friend and he told me about Virizion-EX/Mewtwo-EX/Raichu XY.

 Now this deck had some success earlier in the year but was kind of forgotten. After hearing what the deck can do I built it and started testing right away. These are a few points I was told about,

1 Does not play Genesect EX so you don't need Plasma Energy.

2 Yveltal EX needs 5 energy and a muscle band to OHKO a Mewtwo EX with 2 Energy.

3 Wins Mewtwo wars (t that there really were any...)

4 No one will see it coming.

5 It can DONK!


 And thats just a few things! so I tested and tested, and found it worked VERY well, my list is below.

  Pokemon 11                                   T/S/S 35                                   Energy 14

3 Virizion-EX                         4 Professor Juniper                              4 DCE

3 Mewtwo-EX                        4 N                                                    10 Grass

2 Pikachu XY                         2 Skyla                                               0 Plasma  

2 Raichu XY                          2 Colress                               

1 Spiritomb LTR                    1 Lysandre

0 Gensect-EX                        3 Ultra Ball

                                           3 Pokemon Catcher

                                           1 Pal Pad

                                           4 Hypnotoxic Laser

                                           2 Switch

                                           3 Muscle Band

                                           1 Startling Megaphone

                                           1 Super Rod

                                           1 Enhanced Hammer

                                           1 Comp. Search

                                           2 Virbank City Gym 

 So It's a pretty straight-forward list. Three Virizion EX and three Mewtwo Ex so you can start either which is nice. One Spiritomb, suprisingly he was the MVP I have to say, I can't tell you how many games against I won against VirGen Because of this Ghost. two-two Raichu just there, I mean you play DCE so why not? Also he makes the Pyroar matchup not a complete Auto-loss. The match-ups are as folows,


Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY

Get Spiritomb into play as fast as you can no G-Booster, no OHKO's it really screws them over.

 After that just power up Mewtwo's. Don't even think about Raichu XY throw them away as fast as you can.



 Focus on getting out Raichu, and set up a Mewtwo-EX in support. If they go aggro with Darkrai-EX attack with Virizion-EX and lasers.



 If they're using kyurem go with Virizion-EX and laser. If they are playing Lugia go with Raichu.

Also they are very fast so utilize your hammer very sparingly.



 Use your laser's accordingly, Raichu is also very supportive.

Get rid of their Duskull/Dusknoiras well seeing as nothing they have can one shot you and the damage moving is very annoying.



This is a very bad match-up. there really is nothing to do.

Your best hope is a donk, you can also utilize Raichus, but really, it's a terrible match-up.


 The drive up to Indianapolis was a 9 and 1/2 hour drive, so my Dad and I left his house at 7:00 am on Thursday. A doughnut and iced coffee later we were on the road. I slept part of the way, and played some Final Fantasy 11 for the rest. We got to the Convention Center at 6:20, (5:20 my time) and registartion had just closed, so I playtested till 9, and my dad and I went to Granite City for Dinner. (I had steak). We got to our hotel at around 10:30 made our Decklists, and just relaxed waiting for the next day.


 The next morning was the big day, I ate a apple not a good breakfast, and packed my bag with 2 sodas 2 waters a bag of beef jerky a box of cookies and a doughnut so I was all set. We got there at 7:20 and got in line. The wait was about 20 minutes or so, and after registration, I met up with some friends. Standings went up at 8:20ish and pairings at 8:40ish.


 For the first 9 rounds I'm just gonna show you what I played, and what the match record is, because this day was a complete blur.


Round 1 vs. Yveltal-EX/Darkrai-EX/Garbodor LTR - LWW

Round 2 vs. Yveltal-EX/Darkrai-EX/Raichu XY - WW

Round 3 vs. Yveltal-EX/Darkrai-EX/Garbodor DRX/Raichu XY - WW

Round 4 vs. Yveltal-EX/Darkrai-EX/Garbodor DRX/Raichu XY - WW

Round 5 vs. Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY - LWL (This  round was against last years National Champion Cal Conner)

Round 6 vs. Virizion-EX/Genesect/Raichu XY - LWW

Round 7 vs. Yveltal-EX/Darkrai EX/Sableye DEX/Garbodor DRX?/Bouffalant DRX - WLW

Round 8 vs. Virizion-EX/Mewtwo-EX/Raichu XY/Drifblim DRX - WW

Round 9 vs. Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY - LWL


 So I finished the day at 7-2 in the 16th seed. Most of the decks I played I expected, and almost all of them (besides the mirror match) were either Yveltal-EX variants, or Virizion-EX Genesect-EX variants. My lost To Cal Conner was funny because I started Mewtwo-EX and no Supporters or useful trainers, and after he beat me turn 4 we flipped over cards from my deck until there was a Supporter, it was 20 cards, and it was Skyla -_- I only won round 6 because I N'ed him to one and he dead-drew. Round 3 or 4 I don't remember, I needed a Raichu XY and either 3 Basic Pokemon and a Muscle Band, or Raichu XY and 4 Basic Pokemon to kill his Yveltal-EX and to survive another turn. miraculously I got Raichu XY 3 Virizion-EX and a Muscle Band. Otherwise all the matches went as they should have. Also my round seven opponent kept saying I should scoop to him because all he needed for his invite was Top 8 -_-


 My dad did not do so well, and I believe I was the only person from Minnesota to make day 2 so that was kind of cool. I went out to eat with friends at Steak and Shake but the Police, (yes POLICE) told us that it would be a one and a half hour wait, so we decided on Noodles and Company which was closed, so we ended up at Champs which was fine I guess. Also at Noodles my dad and the four other people signed up for the mini regionals. Right after dinner i went straight to bed knowing that I would have to get up at 6:30 the next morning.


 I woke up at 7:15, not a good sign for the day seeing as I ment to get up at 6:30. I quickly got dressed and grabbed a iced hot cocoa and went to the Convention Center. The doors opend at 8 and pairings were up before we got in so round 1 started and I was against...

Round 10 vs. Darkrai-EX/Yveltal-EX/Raichu XY

This match-up I was very very confident in, maybe to confident. But I'm just gonna say before I start he was one of the best Yveltal players I've ever played, so kudos to you

 The first game was very close, we both got mediocre starts and was one of my favorite games. Nothing extraordinary happened until a laser flip put my Mewtwo-EX to sleep. (He had Garbotoxin activated) and I flipped tails, (I had game in hand) Little did I know that thats not the only game I'd lose on a flip...

 Game 2 was horrible, dead-draws werenot helping at all. At one point I was doing ok until he got three Dark Patches and that really screwed me over. LL 7-3

  After this round I had a random deck check so I sat around and waited and thankfully nothing was wrong and round 2 pairings came up shortly after.

Round 11 vs. Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY

 This game was a blur, but I will try to remember as much as I can.

 Game one  was good. I learned that in this match-up you want Spiritomb LTR and a six energy Mewtwo-EX (or five energy's and a Muscle Band) So thats exactly what I did. She also had a VERY bad start so steamrolled her for game one.

 Game two was the exact oppisite so I scooped to save time.

 Game three was close. I mean really close. I pulled ahead and I think she realized it, she started playing kind of slow so I had a judge come watch and it was really funny because the announcer kept telling us how much time we had left, and the judge was getting really mad which was very funny. But back to the game. I was t far ahead even with the time and I pulled out the win. WLW 8-3


 In between this round, a friend of mine had a deck check and it was his third in the whole tournament. Apparently this time around his HGSS rev holo Double Colorless Energy and Rainbow Energy were "too bent" and he got a game one loss in round 12 and he had to use PROXYS! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a Tournament. 

Round 12 vs. Pyroar FLF/Charizard-EX FLF 12/Mewtwo-EX

 Ahh Pyroar the one deck I wanted to avoid. And for good reason...

Game one his deck did what it should, it didn't help that I had never tested the match-up. Also a Pikachu was prized so game one wasn't hard for him at all. A Catcher heads worked once, but that was only delaying my defeat.

 Game two I actually did ok i almost donked his litleo but was off by 10 he then was in  a tough situation, but drew pretty lucky off a Professor Juniper and was in a better poisition. In the end, I N'ed him to one, but he drew the DCE to use Combustion Blast for the win. LL 8-4

Round 13 vs. Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY

 I dont remember this round really at all.

 Game one he won

 Game two I won

 Game three we were both in a wierd position and I kept being one turn away from game but he kept top decking until he got the top deck for game. LWL 8-5


With no shot at Top 8, I realized i really needed this win, otherwise I would need to Top 4 the next day.

Round 14 vs. Thundurus-EX/Deoxys-EX/Kyurem PLF

 Game one, he dead-drew really bad and swept the entire game.

 Game two I might have been able to win, but I'll explain later. So we both get really good starts, and he starts powering up deoxys-EX and this is where my mistake comes in. he has Deoxys-EX with two energy on it, and I have a zero energy Mewtwo-EX. I promote that Mewtwo-EX and attach DCE, thinking it's a KO, that move cost me the whole game. (and possibly the match)

 Game three I dead-drew like a pro so there ended my Top 32.


 I ended up at 27th place and for the record I was 7 for 42 on heads flips that day. I also lost 4 games on top decks. The 100 CP put me at 369 CP which meant I would need a Top 4 the next day.

 I hung out with a very nice person and we talked about Pyroar, which I thought I would play the next day. My Dad was not doing very well, so he was thinking of dropping. I made him stay another round which his opponent was a no-show so we went to Steak and Shake, and my Dad made it back in time for the next round. After his round, he told me about a 64 man pod, which sounded kind of interesting. We had been thinking about going to a AAA baseball game, but I told him I really wanted to do the pod. So we we decided that he would go and I would hang at the tournament. I guess I'll just show you how I did. I was playing pyroar. It was single 30 minute swiss.

Round 1 vs. Trevenant XY/Accelgore DEX/Dusknoir BCR? W

Round 2 vs. Darkrai-EX/Yveltal-EX/Garbodor DRX L

Round 3 vs. Random Stuff. (down paired) W

Round 4 vs. Darkrai-EX/Yveltal-EX/Sableye DEX W

So the tournament ended early, and the food places had closed so I didn't know what to do. Luckly my good friend's Isaiah, Broedy, Christian, and Isaiah's Dad were about to leave and I tagged along with them. We went to RAM which is a very good brewery, I got a burger called "The Buttface Burger" SO GOOD. We went back to there hotel, (My Dad said I could spend the night with them) I was so happy that I went with them because my Isaiah's Dad is a very good Pyroar player, and he gave me a few tips. Luckly they had a extra decklist because I had forgotten to grab one during the day. My decklist is as follows


  Pokemon                                             T/S/S                                              Energy

4 Litleo FLF 18                                  4 Professor Sycamore                         8 Fire Energy

4 Pyroar FLF 20                                4 N                                                    4 Double Colorless Energy

1 Mewtwo-EX                                   3 Blacksmith                         

1 Charizard-EX FLF 12                      2 Lysandre

                                                      2 Colress

                                                      4 Ultra Ball

                                                      1 Level Ball

                                                      3 Muscle Band

                                                      3 Switch

                                                      2 Hypnotoxic Laser

                                                      2 Bicycle

                                                      2 Startling Megaphone

                                                      1 Enhanced Hammer

                                                      1 Pal Pad

                                                      1 Super Rod

                                                      1 Computer Search

                                                      1 Tropical Beach


 So this list may seem kind of weird, but it works very well. The laser's are for when you play against the Darkrai match-up, 4-4 pyroar is just well you know it works I guess. One Beach because if I played more I would need Skyla, and it would kind of ruin the list. Now for the match-ups.


Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY

 In this match-up what you really need is a Pyroar. do not put down a EX because it WILL get red signaled.

Turn one and two focus on getting a turn two Pyroar. Turn 3 get as many Litleos in play as possible, and get those into Pyroars.

 When they play their Pikachu's, Lysandre those up right away. As long as they don't get a Raichu XY you're fine.


Darkrai-EX/Yveltal-EX/Garbodor DRX or Raichu.

 This match-up really depends on what version they are playing if they are playing no Garbodor just swarm Pyroars.

 Otherwise it's a little harder. Mostly what you have to do is use your Megaphones very sparingly.



This is a very easy match-up, unless of course they play Latias-EX.

 Without Latias-EX mangage your Litleos depending on what they have. Then you steamroll for the win.

 With Latias-EX Charizard-EX is your way to go. Most Plasma decks only play 1 Latias-EX and almost none play super rod so kill the Latias-EX and then just promote Pyroar.



This is your auto-loss I dont even know what to say. Just try to avoid it.



Sworm Pyroars in this match-up if you can get a Muscle Band you are OHKOing their Pyroars.


So for this I'm just going to do what I did for the Swiss rounds of Nats. The mini Regionals today is single swiss 30 minute rounds. We would have 7 rounds.


Round 1 vs. Eeveelutions W

Round 2 vs. Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY W

Round 3 vs. Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Raichu XY W 

Round 4 vs. Darkrai-EX/Yveltal-EX/Raichu XY/Bouffalant DRX W

Round 5 vs. FairyBox w/ Latias-EX L

Round 6 vs. Darkrai-EX/Yveltal-EX/Raichu XY W

Round 7 vs. Darkrai-EX/Yveltal-EX/Raichu XY W


 So I finished at 6-1, I was pretty sure that I made the Top 4 but wasn't completely sure. My friend told me the top two tables ID'd which boosted my confidence even further. I waited a little bit and...

4th place! I can't even explain how happy I was. My friend Emmet also got his invite which was super cool!



I would really like to thank and give shut-outs to,

My Dad Greg Mattson for getting me here and helping me throughout everything.

My Friend's Matthew, Isaiah, Broedy, Christian, Emmet, and Emery for helping me playtest and just being there for me.

Everyone who helped me playtest.

And all of my opponents for helping me get my invite.


 I hope you all enjoyed reading my article, you should try VirMew, because I think it is a serious contender. thanks a ton.

-Calvin Mattson 474 CP








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