Results of the Cup #6 and interview with the winner

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Hello everyone. Today we have here the final results of the Cup #6 and two interviews of players who placed first and second.

Final Results

Prizes for top 8 :

1st Place 25 codes
2nd Place 15 codes
3rd Place 10 codes
4th Place 6 codes
5th - 8th Place 4 codes

Congratulation to everyone and good luck in next tournaments. For anyone who has not actually participated yet here is a link for next tournament.

Winner of the Cup #6: Patazoon24

First of all congratulation to your win in Online Cup #6. Would you tell us something about you.

My name is Gaetano Alberto Malta, I’m from Italy, I study at university and I’m 25.

How long are you playing Pokémon TCG ?

I’ve been playing  Pokémon TCG competitively for 2 years now.

I was playing back in good times since Base Set came out, but stopped about when Neo Revelation were released, just because all my friends gave up the game.

I gained back interest in the game in 2011 when, during a travel, I bought a couple of booster packs. Since that day I started following the game more and more through the web, and in June 2012 I took part in my first tournament: the Italian National Championship.

Do you prefer online version or paper one ?

 I prefer paper version, of course!

Which decks did you use during the tournament ? Can you tell us some details about them ?

During the tournament I used different decks: Yveltal/Darkrai/Raichu, Landorus/Mewtwo/Raichu/Garbodor, TDK, and maybe a couple more I don’t remember.  However, from top8 on I only played the deck you see in the picture.

I was expecting A LOT of Yveltal decks with or without Garbodor (and that’s what I faced the most), so I always played something I felt could have some advantage against them. The deck is not a traditional plasma Kyurem deck. In fact I played 2 (!) Landorus EX in order to put a lot of early pressure on the opponent with Landorus EX, Thundurus EX, or Kyurem, and put 30 key damage on benched pokemon.

Against Dark decks you can 2HKO Yveltal EX with a 30 snipe + 140 by Thundurus (Raiden Knuckle with Band and 2 Deoxys). Usually Yveltal EX is going to 2HKO Thundurus too, but you can negate that exploiting Max Potions, something Yveltal variants and VirGen can’t afford to play without losing too many energies. 3 Lasers are here mostly as a way to relatively easily reach 170 magic number.


Against the other popular play of the moment, Virizion Genesect, you may adopt a good strategy by formerly attacking with Landorus EX, weakening both the active Virizion EX and a benched Genesect EX for later KOs with Kyurem or even Deoxys EX (Genesect with 3 Energy is really vulnerable to Spiral Force, after taking snipe damages). Using Max Potion may force the opponent to early G-Booster, wasting a lot of resources.

If I could change 1 single thing in the deck today, I would add a 2nd megaphone to deal better with G-Booster (probably bumping the Virbank).

I tried to keep the deck extremely consistent with 12 draw supporters + 3 Skyla and Dowsing (my favourite Ace Spec over PC Search, because it was my 2nd Megaphone). I think 4 Colress are amazing in Plasma variants, they allowed big plays late game.

Initially I was playing 4 Blend 4 Prism and 4 Plasma Energies, but I felt like I was missing the “coloured” energy sometimes, so cut 1 plasma and added 1 Rainbow which was a little bit better. After that I didn’t feel the need for a 3rd Colress Machine too.

One downside of this deck is that it doesn’t have a straight answer/tech to Pyroar, taking an autoloss to 4-4 Pyroar and decks like that.

I think this is a great play for Nationals, and I played myself this exact list in Italian Nationals, placing 13th 4-1-2.

Which game was the toughest one for you in the tournament and why ?

The toughest game in the 60cards cup #6 was definitely my top 4 match against macgol341, as my opponent managed to attack in every game t2 with Yveltal EX’s Y-Cyclone, and because that’s where I lost the only game of my tournament (LWW).

Are you going to participate in next Online tournaments ?


Do you also participate in local tournaments like Cities and Regionals. Do you plan to play world championship? 

I won’t play in the World Championship, as I did pretty poorly the whole season to be honest, collecting only 135 CP.

Are you a member of a team? How often do you practice?

I’m not properly member of a team, as I sometimes attend a League (almost 2 hours from my city) held by some very good friends of mine, but I don’t test with the other guys from there.

It may seem weird, but I test on my own. Unfortunately there aren’t other players in my City so that’s the best I can do to prepare for tournaments so far.

In tournaments period I test everyday for some hours, building 4-5 of the top tier decks and playing “on both sides of the table”. When I’m not planning of taking part to official tournaments I generally play some games on PTCGO 3 or 4 times a week.

Thanks for the interview, Good Luck in Nationals and Worlds everyone!

2nd Place : w0nk4

Congratulation to second place. Would you tell us something about you.

My name is William O. Sevilla Gracia, I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m 25 years old.

How long are you playing Pokémon TCG ?

I have been playing for about 8 months

Do you prefer online version or paper one ?

I prefer the paper version, but I don’t have any because in my country there is not a lot of people who play the game.

Which decks did you use during the tournament ? Can you tell us some details about them ?

The only deck I used was Yveltal/Raichu, because this deck doesn’t have a lot of bad matchups, but I can say that it is not my favorite deck.

Which game was the toughest one for you in the tournament and why ?

Although I lost in the finals, I  feel comfortable to say that it wasn’t my toughest match, my toughest match was against Pokedad68 because it was a mirror match and all 3 games were pretty close (raichu made the difference in both wins), and he also beat baky who is one of my best friends.

Are you going to participate in next Online tournaments ?

Of course. I’ll be on all of your tournaments, I really like them.

Are you a member of a team? How often do you practice?

I play online with my best friends, and we practice very often if our jobs let us.

Thank you guys for the interviews.


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