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 Hello again readers! This is Yamato from Team Torchic!


 This will be my 5th article about “Yamato’s PTCG Life”, and this time will be about the latter 2002.


Before I get going, let’s have a quick recap of the last article. I lost the tournament in 2002 Spring, but was back for a revenge in 2002 Summer. Scizor (Aquapolis) was on a rampage, but I was able to win the tournament held in Tohoku. Now I was qualified to take part in “Japan Champion Ships”, which only players who won the 1st in other areas can take part. This article will be about what deck I chose, and the reason for it.


 Neither the formats nor the rules had changed during the Summer Tournament and Japan Champion Ships. To check the format and the rules, please take a look at my previous article: ( This Tournament was held in Hamamatsucho, which is the area where Pokemon Center in Tokyo is Located. There were 3 divisions: Juniors, Seniors, and Masters, just like Worlds. I was in 9th grade, which means that it was my last year in Seniors. That also meant that I have to be preparing for University Entrance exams. (I think most of the other countries are preparing at this age…) Summer break is not a vacation for 9th grade, and most students were studying more than strolling about. What about me? I was spending more time playing and testing PTCG! PTCG was much more important than studying for me, so I had no worry to skip an important trial exam that was held on the same day as Japan Champion Ships.

*WARNINGS* Do not imitate what I have done just because you read this article. STUDYING IS IMPORTANT! Let’s get a good result in both studying and PTCG tournaments!


 The tournament was held for 2days: The first day was for Japan Champion Ships, and the second day was for Champion’s League which was held in 2000 – 2007, and had special system. To play in Champion’s League, you have to either win the top 4 in the previous Champions leagues or win the top 4 in Japan Champion Ships. This means that players who didn’t finish as a Top 4 on the first day won’t have anything to do on the second day. Also, if you are one of the members in Champion’s League, you will not be able to play in other tournaments except for Champion’s League which was held for 1-2 times a year.

 Despite the restriction, everything was so special in Champion’s League: the rules, place, member and awards- it was such a special tournament that I was not qualified to play at that time.


 After winning the 1st place in Tohoku, I started to think deeply of which deck to use for Japan Champion Ships. The most important thing was that the deck should be strong enough to win against Scizor(Aquapolis) and Anti-Scizor Decks.

My choice was Gengar (Expedition) / Feraligatr (Expedition) or Ampharos (Expedition) / Ninetales (Expedition). Adding Mew (Expedition) into Gengar (Expedition) / Feraligatr (Expedition) proved that it can win against Scizor (Aquapolis) in the previous tournament, (Please check my previous article for details) but I found out that Scizor (Aquapolis) can actually win against Mew (Expedition) if they knew that I will be playing it. Also, Scizor (Aquapolis) was fast enough to take over Gengar (Expedition) / Feraligatr (Expedition) even when fewer Energies were attached. However, Mew (Expedition) can still take over Scizor if my opponent doesn’t expect it.

 Now, this was where how tournament rules will help me decide whether I should play this deck or not. In this tournament, we will have the round-robin with 9 winners in each area and select the winners. This means that other players have the chance to see what decks the other players are playing, so players will be automatically figuring out that I have Mew (Expedition) in my deck. Once players using Scizor figure out that I have Mew (Expedition) in my deck, Scizor (Aquapolis) can easily beat my deck, so I decided not to play it.


 Another deck I was planning to use was Ampharos (Expedition) / Ninetales (Expedition). With Ninetales’ (Expedition) Ethernal Flame ([Colorless] [Colorless] [Colorless] Discard all [Fire] Energy cards attached to Ninetales. This attack does 30 damage plus 20 more damage for each card discarded this way.), there is a great chance to KO any Pokemon with it’s strong power. However, since this attack requires to discard all Fire Energy attached to it, Ampharos’ (Expedition) Poké-Power  ( Poké-Power: Energy Connect. As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may take a basic Energy card attached to 1 of your Benched Pokémon and attach it to your Active Pokémon. This power can't be used if Ampharos is affected by a Special Condition.) were in play to support. Through out my testing, I found out that Ninetales (Expedition) was a great attacker while it was difficult to maintain it’s power and Energy cards on the field. It was like having no Blaziken ( Ruby & Sapphires ) or Elektrik ( Noble Victories ), which concluded that this deck was unstable.


From these 2points, I decided to make a new deck- Typhlosion (Expedition) / Ninetales (Expedition). It became a major type of deck now, but there weren’t any decks with Energy Support / Attacker in the meta at that time. Probably, I was the very first player to use this type of deck in tournaments although somebody else had thought of this type previously.

 Typlosion’s Poke-Power “Heat Up” (Poké-Power: Heat Up. Once during your turn (before your attack), you may count the total number of Energy cards attached to all of your Pokémon and all of your opponent's Pokémon. If your opponent has more total Energy cards attached, you may search your deck for 1 [R] Energy card and attach it to 1 of your Benched Pokémon, if any. Shuffle your deck afterward. This power can't be used if Typhlosion is affected by a Special Condition. ) abled to choose 1 Fire Energy from your deck and attach it to your bench Pokemon. Because this Poke-Power can be only used when the number of Energy cards on all of your Pokemon is fewer than your opponent’s, normally it will be hard to use it’s Poke-Power since your opponent will control the number of his or her Energy so that you won’t be able to use that Poke-Power. Also, because Fire Energy can be only attached from your Deck, you won’t be able to use this power once you run out of Energy, which means that the number of times you can use this Power is limited. Therefore, from these points, Typhlosion (Expedition) was never seen in tournaments.

 So why was I using it? This was because it was easy for me to use its’ Poke-Power when I was playing Ninetales (Expedition). Automatically, I will end up having fewer Energy than my opponent when I use Ninetales’ Ethernal Fire since I will be discarding all Energy Cards attached to it. It won’t be a big problem if my opponent doesn’t have any Energy cards because that means that my opponent is in big trouble. However, one of the big problems with this deck is when I run out of Fire Energy. Ninetales (Expedition) will use 3 Energy each time so it is obvious that my Deck will ran out of Fire Energy really quickly. To figure this problem out, I had 4 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis) in my Deck, which was unusual.

Obviously, this deck had great match-ups against Scizor (Aquapolis), but that deck usually has Water Pokemon as a second-attacker. There’s no meaning using this deck if I loose against these secondary attackers, so I had 1 Tangela (Aquapolis) to get away with it. Tangela (Aquapolis) had 60HP with a Resistance to Water Type, so it took a few turns to KO it, which gives me a great chance to settle everything up.

Once everything is settled, it won’t be so hard to beat a second attacker with Water Type. I concluded that this deck won’t loose unless it has a match-up against a Deck based on Water Type, so I decided to use this deck for Japan Champion Ships. The list below is a sample list of what I used. (I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t jot down the full list of what I have used at this tournament.)


Sample List:

Pokemon 21:

4 Vulpix

4 Ninetales (Expedition)

4 Cyndaquil

4 Quilava

4 Typhlosion (Expedition)

1 Tangela (Aquapolis)


Supporters 18:

Professor Oak’s Research (Expedition)4

Copycat (Expedition)4

Bill’s Maintenance (Expedition)4

Town Volunteer (Aquapolis)4

Professor Elm’s training Method (Expedition) 2


Item 6:

Dual Ball (Expedition) 4

2 Switch


Energy 15:

15 Fire Energy


Since this was my Second time taking part in Japan Champion Ships, I was able to take part in a great condition than last time, with a moderate feeling of tension. It is a very important thing to control your mind- without a moderate feeling of tension, you may feel tiredness especially in your head and body, which will cause a negative effect in the end. I felt that I did a great job controlling myself this time. When I became nervous, I always think to my self- “Is there any meaning being nervous? If there aren’t, I shouldn’t be nervous.” This way, I can be calm and easily control myself.

 I think that being able to “control yourself” is a necessary skill- if you are not good at it, then try to find a way to control yourself.


 In Senior’s division, there were 9 players including me. Takuya Yoneda was taking part in Junior’s Division, Kanda was in Senior’s division, and Koji Kanno was in Master’s division. These 3 players will be taking part in my team, Team Torchic in the near future, but I didn’t know the other 2 players except for Takuya Yoneda.

 Japan Champion Ships is about to begin! I was extremly happy to have my original deck, and couldn’t wait to see how I will do with it. What decks will I see? What place can I win with this Deck?


 Since this article got longer than I expected, I will be writing about Japan Champion Ships and Champion’s League in the next article.


Stay tuned for my 6th article! See you next time!


大和 (Yamato)

Translated by 魔女 (Majyo / Madoka.U)


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