The winner of Cup #4 - majehjk

15.4.2014 wrote: 60cards net in category Trading Card Game

Jake M. Burgos(majehjk) won the Cup #4 with his RayBoard.



Supreme Champion: majehjk

Worthy Adversary: baky01

Maybe Next Time: eWolff

4th place: Jmexican09 5th place tie: Excerion renie79 7th place tie: w0nk4 _Rafael_ 9th place tie: nisabds SickKentDrew Spartanclone001 Swords 13th place tie: macboy02 Weaponex23 buenas30 skyryuu77 17th place tie: zbtguest Mijumaruuu leoberanek Brunnus adao18 Rmmo25 yonsii Tman109ner 25th place tie: Magnechu7 heyj0jo Mynick JaycobMinato ZizulB blobbly_bobby buzz4preso Kevinkev1337 (IGN Kickomeshi)

First of all  congratulation to your win in Online Cup #4. How did you feel after winning the tournament ?

My name is Jake M. Burgos and I'm from Puerto Rico. It felt great. It was the first "PTCGO" tournament that I had been on, so there were a lot of nervous moments.

How long are you playing Pokémon TCG ?

Not that much, really. It's probably been only like 3 or 4 months.

Do you prefer online version or paper one ?

I only play the online version. There’s not many places here to play competitive but I have always loved to play in “paper” and would probably prefer it.

Which decks did you use during the tournament ? Can you tell us some details about them ?

I only use two decks during the tournament. Those are RayBoard and GarboKrai.

The one that I used the most was RayBoard. The build that I use was made by me and one of my teammates “Baky”. We only used two Rayquazas and two Reshirams so we were ready for that Genesect match, but I found none during the tournament. Darkrai is probably my favorite deck and I have some builds of it. The one I use is going to depend on the match.

Which game was toughest for you in the tournament and why ?

There were two. I'll say Jmexican and Baky are both my teammates and best friends in real life so we play a lot with each other and we pretty much know the things that we like to do and the way we play. Specially Baky and I, we normally build the decks together and test them out.

Are you going to participate in next Online Cup  tournaments ?

For sure. I really hope there will be a lot of Online Cups to come. It was a great experience and I loved the way it went. So you will probably see me participating in all the ones I can.

Ok - last question - what would you recommend to anyone who want to participate in Online Cup tournaments ?

Well my recommendation would be: Don’t be afraid of entering, prepare your deck well, have good communication with your opponent so there are no missunderstandings and, of course, have fun, that’s one of the most important things; after all, it's a game.

I would like to thank 60cards for the tournament and Charlie for doing a good job. I hope there are more tournaments coming soon.

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