Informations for Online Cup #4

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Informations for Online Cup #4

Tournament name : Online Cup #4

Date : 25. 1. 2014

Registration link :

Tournament rounds : Every tournament round will have 3 days time limit for playing the match. First round will start on Saturday 25. 1. 2014 and will end 27. 1. 2014. During this time all participants are suppose do play their match. For more detail info about rounds check out section "Rounds".

Communication with admins :

Format : Double Elimination, NXD-LTR, you can change decks/cards in decks between rounds

Decklists : no

Entry fee : free, anyone can join

Prizes : 34 PTCGO codes guaranteed

Prizes structure : For top 8 finishers : 12-8-6-4-1-1-1-1



1st round : 25. 1. -> 29. 1.

2nd round : 30. 1. -> 2. 2.

3rd round : 3. 2. -> 6. 2.

4th round : 7. 2. -> 10. 2.

5th round : 11. 2. -> 14. 2.

6th round : 15. 2. -> 18. 2.

7th round : 19. 2. -> 22. 2.

8th round : 23. 2. -> 26. 2.

9th round : 27. 2. -> 2. 3.

*If there will be more rounds, we are going to update this schedule.

This means that every round will have 3 days to be played. If you will have any problems with finding right time to play or any other stuff, contact us on email

If you and your opponent will be ready and you both agree on playing game earlier than our schedule says, you can do this. This mean if you finish your 1st round 25.1. and your opponent will do same, you can both play your 2nd round on 26. 1. you dont have to wait for 28. 1.

Default communication channel set by organizer will be Private Messages on Challonge. Every participant will be here because here will be brackets so communication between all participants will be easy. Feel free to use Discussion aswell.

There will an interview with the winner on main page.

We are willing to increase guarantee prize pool if we end up getting large amount of support from you !


Tournament will start 25. 1. 2014 12:00 CET (midday) = 6:00 EST = 3:00 PST.

From this date you can start playing your 1st round. You have to finish your round till 28. 1. 2014 till 11:59 CET (nearly midday) = 5:59 EST = 2:59 PST.

For communication with opponent please use Challonge's private messages and also feel free to use

the Discussion. As a last option feel free to use also support e-mail : 

Registration will end 1 minute before tournament start which is 25. 1. 2014 11:59 CET (nearly midday) = 5:59 EST = 2:59 PST.

1st round will have extended time to 30. 1. 2014 12:00 CET. 

All couples which will not enter result of their game till this time will be disqualified from the tournament no matter what happened, we need results to continue the tournament.

a.) Player A will not show up, Player B will show up - game will not be played for any reason
result - Player B will be rewarded by a win in a round, Player A will be given a game loss.

b.) Player A will show up, Player B will show up - game will not be played for any reason
result - both players will be disqualified from the tournament. We know this is very strict punishment, but we need an effort to play from our participants, we are doing tournaments, because of you guys and we really dont want to DQ anyone, but even you have to show some effort in playing games in time.

c.) Player A will not show up, Player B will not show up - game will not be played
result - both players will be disqualified without any consultation. Players has to show effort in playing their games. If they will not, we are not going to annoy fair players and delay tournament rounds.

General rules

- Winner of the game has to screenshot his/her winning screen after the game (this is the most important rule. After your game you have to screenshot your winning screen. Otherwise there is no way for us to find out who won in case of dispute)

- Tournament System : Double Elimination, all matches are BO3 (2 wins to advance)

- In Grandfinale match is also played match for 3rd place

- Winner of duel has to add result of the match and add screenshot with his winning screen

- Comunication with admin: Facebook fan page messages or mail

- Winner of the tournament provides screenshot of his or her deck for the interview. 



-For sign-up to a tournament you have to be registered on page all brackets and schema will be there.

-Your nickname has to be same as on PTCGO

How to find opponent

- 1. step – look at brackets and find yourself and your opponent`s name. This applies only after the tournament starts. NOT BEFORE.

- 2. step – in PTCGO – add your opponent as a friend and invite him into friendly battle


- Winner of the match adds result. Winner of the game has to screenshot his/her winning screen after the game (this is the most important rule. After your game you have to screenshot your winning screen. Otherwise there is no way for us to find out who won in cas of dispute.) Keep the screenshot for case of inability to agree on results. In case of both players do not agree on results and no one is able to prove it both will be penalized. 
- Next to your match there is a question mark, click it and check yourself as a winner.

What is Double Elimination ?

Our tournaments are played with elimination system (not like swiss rounds in live tournaments). Whenever you lose your match in Winner Brackets (WB) you are going to go to Losers Brackets (LB) where you will be playing against someone who also lose in first round. After losing in LB you are out of a tournament. This means that every player will play at least 2 opponents. Grandfinale will be played from winner of Winners Brackets (WB – undefeated player) and winner of LB. This means that player with one lose will play in Grandfinale. 

Making screenshots during games : This is VERY IMPORTANT. In case that you or your opponent add wrong game result or any other problems, admin has no other way how to solve a problem other than check sreenshots. If none of players made screenshots, both will be disqualified from a tournament. Therefore –MAKE SCREENSHOTS it may only help you if you are 100% sure that you are corrent with your statement.

We hope everyone will enjoy playing the tournaments. We understand there might be other tournament at that time and also not everyone will be able to play in the time we chose. Therefore we will try to do more tournaments in the future so everyone is able to participate.

60cards Team

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