Interview with TheMatteo0 : The winner of Cup #1

16.12.2013 wrote: 60cards net in category Tournaments & OP : Hello, we appreciate that you have found time to answer some of our questions ! : First of all - congratulation to your win in Online Cup #1 - how did you feel after winning the tournament?
TheMatteo0 : I'm really happy to have won, I haven't unfortunately been able to attend any tournaments in real life so far this season so its great experience for me to be able to play in Online tournaments  as its useful for testing, learning about the meta-game and most importantly having fun! : How long have you been playing the Pokémon TCG?
TheMatteo0 : I have been playing for around 3 years now, basically since PTCGO was first introduced. Its only really been about a year since I start playing competitively at tournaments in real life though and in that time I feel that I have really improved a lot and am improving my game all of the time. : Do you prefer the online version or paper one?
TheMatteo0 : I'm not sure if I have a favourite, PTCGO was very important to me because that was how I learnt how to play the game and where I first met with the rest of the Pokemon community.  However playing in tournaments in real life is a unique experience as well so I think it would be too tough to choose between them. : About your winning deck - what can you tell to our readers about it ?
TheMatteo0 : The deck which I played for most of the tournament is a pretty standard Empoleon DEX/Dusknoir BCR list with a 1-1 Leafeon line for the Blastoise BCR match-up and also for any decks running teched Latias EX's.
The one interesting tech that people might wonder about is Archen PLB. It is used for its Ability Prehistoric Call because it prevents you from being able to deck-out something which is often an issue for the deck because it runs through it so quickly using Diving Draw. 
You use Empoleon's Diving Draw Ability to discard Archen and then draw 2 cards from your deck (or 0 cards assuming you have been through your whole deck) then use Prehistoric Call to put Archen back into the deck so you have a card to draw the following turn. Repeat this every turn and you will never deck out.
Other than that the only interesting thing is the thicker Dusknoir BCR line (a 2-1-2 line), I know some people use a thinner line but for me in a Catcherless format its a crucial card in the decks strategy in virtually every match-up. : Which game was toughest for you in the tournament and why ?
TheMatteo0 : Definitely my 2nd round match against a Shedinja DRX-Ninjask DRX-Safeguarders deck. Because the deck doesn't run Catcher it is very reliant on being able to hit the active even with Dusknoir BCR in the deck, but the opponent's Latias EX was able to block my attacks meaning I could only attack with Leafeon which I only had a 1-1 line of.
It was a tense game overall but in the end I just ran out of resources and whilst Archen PLB was able to delay the game for many turns it eventually wasn't enough and I lost the game by 2 Prizes. A really fun and challenging game against a very exciting deck which was perfectly played by the opponent. : Are you going to participate in next Online Cup tournament ?
TheMatteo0 : If I have the time I would definitely like to participate in another tournament. It was very well organized and the standard was very high despite the fairly low attendance with a wide variety of powerful decks giving me a good view of what the meta-game is looking like. I hope more people will join in future tournaments so that the game will spread and the standard will continue to rise. : Ok - last question - what would you recommend to anyone who want to participate in Online Cup tournaments ?
TheMatteo0 : Make sure to play decks that you enjoy playing and just focus on having fun rather than winning games. Also if you have a really fun idea that you think might just work don't be shy about playing it and giving it try. Why not play a surprising deck that people won't see coming like that Shedinja deck which I lost to in Round 2, because you never know you might just win with it.
TheMatteo0's deck :

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