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We would like to introduce ourselves. We are a multilingual site with an aim of helping the community of Pokemon players grow, get in touch with each other, get the stuff they need, share experiences and enjoy yourselves here.
We are bringing the blogs by the very best Pokemon players from around the world to help you see what is happening.

In addition, you do not have to just read but you can also become a part of 60cards. You can add and create your own articles, add commentaries, opinions and ratings.


Why we have decided to start 60cards...

Even though the community of Pokemon players is really huge and great, we have felt there is no website on the Internet which can connect all Pokemon players and Pokemon fans together no matter what language they speak.


How it works ...

The contents of the 60Cards author blogs is going to be free till the end of October. After that we are going to set up a small monthly fee which will be specified in two weeks. 


What you can expect for your fee...

All Premium articles by the very best Pokemon players in full version. 

All of Premium articles will be translated into all languages we support, starting with English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Czech. 

Competitions and others


Introducing the 60cards Market...

We wanted to create a place where the players get all the cards they need for the best prizes. It is not an easy task to do for a single seller that is why we decided to open our Market for everyone who wants to sell.

Buying cards on 60cards Market is completely free. You only have to pay for the cards' value and the shipping costs. 


On 60cards Market, offering cards for sale is completely free. There is no insertion fee and no time limit for an offer. You may list as many cards as you like. The listed cards remain in the system until you sell them or until you decide to take them out again. 


When you sell a card, 60cards Market will charge a commission. The commission is calculated for each card sold for 5% of the card value. The commission will be automatically deduced from your 60cardsMarket account. 


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